January 11, 2017 lazarov

“I love Аjvar, reminds me of my childhood” those were the first words of Susan, known as hostess and Chef from Canada …..

Susan surprised her family with grilled chicken legs spiced with the best ajvar – Perustija.

„I love Middle Eastern food, especially the countless vegetarian spreads, dips and salads beyond the everyone-knows hummus. Ajvar, in particular made with grilled pepper, eggplants, garlic and red pepper spice is one of my favorites! Ajvar is the Turkish word for fish roe or caviar. 

This beautiful chunky red relish is so versatile as a bread spread or served along meats especially grilled. A hostess play-date gift I had received, I busted the jar opened this weekend to serve along grilled chicken at my home’s casual family gathering. It reminded me of the ajvar I use to make from scratch entertaining way back sans kids and it was always a hit!“ – says Susan

Susan recommended AJVAR PERUSTIJA: You can put ajvar in pretty much anything – sauces, breads, dressings, on pasta, in sandwiches, pizza etc. Before serving finely dice or grate some garlic, add a splash of extra virgin olive oil, chopped herbs like parsley or basil and serve alongside grilled or roasted meat (it’s AMAZING with poultry) or with antipasta/tapas.


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