August 7, 2016 lazarov

People from Australia: Ajvar with mustard, OMG it’s delicious!

„Found this today at my local fruit market… Ajvar with mustard, OMG it’s delicious! There were a few different varieties & all Product of Macedonia. Highly recommend it!“ – says Diana K Ristoski

Today we wake up with this beautiful comments on Facebook.

  • Looks good. Is it locally made or imported from the motherland? – Mary Sartinas
  • Yes it is delicious ? – Zoran Radevski
  • Yes very delicious ? –  Jenny Nedelkovska
  • It’s delicious! They also sell this delicious ajvar and many more at Kings Court Deli Rockdale – Suzi Jadroski
  • Yummm, I am obsessed with mustard lately! – Jamie-leigh Krstanoska

And more and more…

Thank you all we really appreciate that. Find More about this product on




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